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Why Us

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We are Proudly Namibian

a truly Namibian tribe but with a discernibly international flair.

We Protect the interest of our partners

we work through a well-developed global network of destination specialists and direct ‘local’ business their way.


We are not affiliated to any particular group or company so we can make unbiased recommendations. We have learned that not being directly involved with any lodges or camps means we’re free to choose the most appropriate from among the very best and very latest options for your guests each and every time.

State-of-the-art Safari Vehicles

we have spent years working on building the perfect vehicles for Namibian conditions and this has resulted in owning the most safari appropriate vehicle fleet in Namibia.

Best Naturalist Guides

we employ one of the best full time guiding teams on the continent.

Attention to detail

we place great importance on the less obvious elements needed to provide life enriching journeys.

Little black book of private contact

being Namibian, well-known, respected, highly regarded, connected and based in-country, we have a wide network of contacts we can call on when needed.

Great rates

steady volumes, well-established business relationships, and a great reputation within the industry ensure that we are able to obtain top rates and guarantee value for money.


our guests are covered by the best possible insurance available locally, as well as cover from Lloyd’s of London where necessary.

Expertise & Experience

with over 100 years of combined safari specialist experience and expertise in the Namibian safari industry, we boast the world’s foremost safari planning tribe for Namibia and we maintain only the highest standards.


working with us in our own areas of expertise does not mean you can’t work with others as well in theirs.

Original ideas

each safari is imaginatively hand-crafted creating unique itineraries which are geared towards the specific interests of the groups or individuals wanting to book.

Local knowledge

As we are based in-country and we have the luxury of being able to travel around on a regular basis. Our trade partners also have access to our comprehensive AGENT LOG-IN page.

Fully licensed and affiliated

we are registered with the Namibian Tourism Board (NTB), TASA (Namibia), ATTA (UK), ATTA (USA), TOSCO (Namibia) and APTA (USA).


we place great importance on identifying the specific interests and expectations of our guests so that we can make the arrangements that suit them rather than those that suit us.


we have a quick response time so our turnaround time offers trade partners the opportunity to respond quickly themselves with all the information required and detailed itineraries to send on.


the supply of accurate, timely and up-to-date information to our trade partners is of the utmost importance so we check and update the in-country information imparted to trade partners on a regular basis.

Award winning

together with our partners we have achieved new heights in terms of running award winning itineraries.

Inside track

our placement as innovators and market leaders in terms of the product offered means that we can often open doors that others don’t even know exist.


our policy of working with local communities to our mutual benefit means we often have access to areas and experiences not known or available to others.

Cutting edge

we ensure we remain at the forefront of new safari possibilities, keeping track of new developments and being amongst the first to encourage local inventiveness and innovation.


we are conservation orientated and socially responsible, whilst conducting our business in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner (see Enriching Lives).


relatively low volumes ensure one point of contact from your initial enquiry to your 'in-country guest feedback' message, and this also ensures that our safari planning tribe is focused on their personal relationships with international partners. Our success is based on knowing you and getting to know your guests so we can deliver genuine personal attention.


we are easily accessible through email, skype, toll free numbers and our 24-hour emergency number.

Independent & owner run

giving us a family-run business feel while maintaining the level of professionalism you would want from any serious business partner.

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We are committed to providing world-class experiences for sophisticated and discerning travellers, offering great attention to detail in order to maintain the highest standards when planning and organizing safaris while still delivering excellent value for money. Our aim is to provide safaris that are educational, explorative, fun, insightful, and ultimately life enriching, with benefit for the places and people that we visit as well as for the guests we take there.

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