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Our Vehicles

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The quality of our vehicles and equipment is something we take very seriously and, along with employing some of the best guides in the country, we are known for the quality of the equipment we use. Terrain-appropriate vehicles that are safe, comfortable and reliable are of paramount importance and, along with our rigid policy for regular renewal of safari vehicles, this means guests are assured of travelling in the very best vehicles on offer in Namibia.

Safari Vehicles

Several years of continuous innovation between Ultimate Safaris and our local custom vehicle manufacturer resulted in the creation of a Namibian safari vehicle that we believed was as close to perfect as possible. However, this has been refined even further during the last few years when we have been working with specialist manufacturer based outside the country who works to Standards Bureau specifications in a Toyota approved factory. We now have a product that represents the best elements of all designs while being guaranteed to be as safe and sound as possible.

These vehicles have been hand crafted to our specifications so that every guest has a comfortable seat with good back support, each with a large window for optimal game viewing which is improved further by ‘pop-top’ roofs that can be raised whenever particularly good sightings are experienced. Every guest also has access to a personal library which includes a series of guide books, maps and stationary as well as country specific mammal and bird checklists. The vehicles all have a 220 volt electrical charging point, allowing guests to charge electrical devices whilst traveling as well as electric fridge-freezers to ensure that that drinks and snacks are always chilled. They are also fitted with VHF inter-vehicle radios that allow multiple vehicle groups to communicate with each other while ‘on the road’, and these radios also enable us to communicate with local rangers in the eastern side of the Etosha National Park thus ensuring that those ‘special’ sightings are never missed when your guests are in the area. Added to all this, our guides travel with their renowned ‘MAGIC BOXES’, which ensure all en-route catering needs can be taken care of, from a bush breakfast or lunch, through regular coffee and tea stops, to majestic sundowners.

All our Land Cruisers are equipped with:

  • Roof pop Tops for better photography and game viewing vantage points
  • Air Conditioning
  • Onboard Fridge/freezers and plenty of water.
  • Personal library, which includes a series of guide books, maps, stationary and checklists.
  • 220 volt electrical charging point, to charge electrical devices whilst traveling.
  • Guaranteed window seat on every safari.
  • VHF inter-vehicle radios that allow multi vehicle groups to communicate with each other while 'on the road'

Our guides also travel with their renowned ‘MAGIC BOXES’, which ensure all en-route catering needs are taken care of, from a bush breakfast and coffee and tea stops to majestic sundowners.

Our Safari Vehicles

Transfer Vehicles

Transfer vehicles are primarily used for to carry guests between Windhoek’s airports and hotels in the town and properties along major routes. These transfers will be conducted in comfortable, air-conditioned vans and sedan vehicles. As part of our continuing efforts to ensure that our operations stay sustainable on all levels, we have started with the transition of our Windhoek based transfer vehicles to hybrid vehicles. These Toyota Corolla Cross' will be used for transfers of one or two people in and around Windhoek, and for transfers between Windhoek and its various airports as well as surrounding properties. All our transfer vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi allowing all our guests instant connectivity, to let families know they have arrived safely, catch up on other communication or to pre-check-in for their departure flights.

Our Vehicles

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