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Journey Reckoners

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Our Journey Reckoners are essentially our ‘bean counters’ as well as those responsible for dealing with tribe and company welfare. They make sure accounts are sent out and paid on time, they maintain business relationships with our suppliers, and they coordinate weekly tribe welfare events where they strive to ensure that the body, mind and spirit of everyone at Ultimate Safaris is in perfect shape. This is the part of the tribe which keep the rest of the tribe going.

Meet Our Journey Reckoners

Ultimate Safaris - Clayton Manze

Clayton Manze

How did your journey start in Tourism: Growing up in the South has given me exposure to places like Ai-Ais hot springs, Quiver Tree Forest and Kolmanskop in Luderitz.

I moved over to Windhoek, to pursue my degree in accounting, but then I got an opportunity to work in the tourism industry, and now I can’t see myself in another industry.

 Personal interests: Sports, ranging from rugby, football, motorsport (F1) and athletics. I was so privileged to have represented my country (Namibia) for COSSASA Athletic games.

 Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: I feel that I am part of the tribe and that we are one big family. What mostly inspires is what we do for conservation.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? My favorite destination is Etosha, because of its wildlife. 

Ultimate Safaris - Elizabeth Parkhouse

Elizabeth Parkhouse

How did your journey start in Tourism: I started off my journey with Wilderness Safaris in the Palmwag concession. During my 4 years with Wilderness, I had the privilege working at various camps such as Serra Cafema and Little Kulala. Still with Wilderness I moved to Ongava Game Reserve, who severed ties with Wilderness 2 years later. After running Anderssons Camp for a year and a half, I moved into Reserve Management and was responsible for the HR and Admin for the reserve.

After 5 years of living on the reserve, 10 years of working in remote areas, I decided it was time to come back to Windhoek and started with Ultimate Safaris in 2019.

 During those 10 years in the bush, I had the privilege of being involved in numerous conservation efforts, some of which I still wear the scars proudly today.


Personal interests: As a bushbaby, I have always ensured that I had the connection with nature and its conservation. This fueled my love for the Scouting movement, and I am proud to be running the 5th Windhoek Scout Troop since 2021. 

 Other passions include hiking and of course camping. And chocolate.


Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: The tribe! What a great bunch of people!

The conservation! What incredibly effort they put into Namibia and its sustainability! I feel privileged playing a small part in this.


Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Damaraland. Even after seeing and experiencing many different breathtaking areas in Namibia, Damaraland is where I feel free. Where I can be myself and at peace. 

Ultimate Safaris - Francis Vries

Francis Vries

Francis grew up in Windhoek and joined SandyAcre Safaris as an apprentice while studying for a qualification in Travel and Tourism. She stayed on through the merger, became a consultant specializing fly-in and self-drive safaris, and also completed her degree in Travel and Tourism.  During this time she also ran the reservation system for Guest House as well as acting as the stand-in manager there as required.  She is now the manager responsible for all team related administration as well as some financial issues such as the preparation of invoices and the infrequent credit notes that are needed.

 Francis has spent time travelling around Europe and is well traveled in the region. Her favourite Namibian destination remains as Kolmanskop as there is something about that rather bizarre place that appeals to her. She is one of the longest serving members of Ultimate Safaris and she is a great asset in her role as motivator and advocate for her colleagues. She has great people skills, and helps to ensure that the entire team stays well happy and fulfilled. 

Ultimate Safaris - Helmut Karirao

Helmut Karirao

How did your journey start in tourism? Growing up in the far east of Omaheke region, I would spend long hours in the veld herding the family life stock and I would enjoy the beautiful vegetation and nature. With time, it then become my place of escape and ever since then I have always been fascinated by nature and its surroundings. As, I ‘am at the start of my journey in the tourism industry and I ‘am enjoying every second of it and hoping to be in it for years to come.

Personal interest? Music and sports

Why enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris? I absolutely love the teamwork and the inclusiveness of the tribe. I admire the work we do for the conservation and the people that live within the areas.

Which is your favourite destination and why? My favourite destination thus far must be Damaraland with its spectacular scenery and unique mountainous landscape

Ultimate Safaris - Nadine Altmann

Nadine Altmann

Ultimate Safaris - Ruusa Martin

Ruusa Martin

How did your journey start in Tourism: My journey in Tourism started when my love for accounting, got me an opportunity in the tourism industry. I enjoy what I do, as it allows me to be myself.

 Personal interests: Travelling, listening to music, and volunteering

Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: I enjoy working with the tribe, we have a very good working environment and I mostly enjoy the treats we get from Ultimate Safaris.

 Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why: My favorite destination is Swakopmund, I love the long walks to the beach, the dunes and the variety of activities offered in Swakopmund. 

Ultimate Safaris - Rachel Mawoyo

Rachel Mawoyo

Place of BirthZimbabwe

How did your journey start in TourismMy journey in tourism began in April 2023 at Ultimate Safaris. Being a young woman with zero to no experience in the tourism industry, I got given a chance and an opportunity to learn and to grow. Beginning my journey at Ultimate has made me see the beauty of a career and passion coming together.

Personal interestsSpending time with people and getting to know and learn about their purpose. I also enjoy reading and listening to podcasts on various topics.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Being on the waters of the Zambezi River. People tend to underestimate the natural healing and calming power of water. Whenever I get to be on the water s of the Zambezi River I feel one with nature and cleansed. 

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