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Journey Reckoners

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Our Journey Reckoners are essentially our ‘bean counters’ as well as those responsible for dealing with tribe and company welfare. They make sure accounts are sent out and paid on time, they maintain business relationships with our suppliers, and they coordinate weekly tribe welfare events where they strive to ensure that the body, mind and spirit of everyone at Ultimate Safaris is in perfect shape. This is the part of the tribe which keep the rest of the tribe going.

Meet Our Journey Reckoners

Ultimate Safaris - Francis Vries

Francis Vries

Ultimate Safaris - Ndeyapo Samy

Ndeyapo Samy

Ultimate Safaris - Volente Haid

Volente Haid

Ultimate Safaris - Philemon Iipinge

Philemon Iipinge


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Ultimate Safaris is privileged to be able to operate in pristine wilderness areas. We believe that the future of the environment and the natural inhabitants of these regions lies in the hands of the communities living there, and that this means they must be involved in the custodianship of their surroundings. The Conservation Travel Foundation is Ultimate Safaris’ registered non-profit organisation and it fully supports these ideals.

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