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Our Naturalist Guides are of the highest order and are considered to be the most important ingredient for providing these life enriching journeys. We hear the same praise from departing guests time and again: “Ultimate guides are out of this world!”

From Day One we have made it our priority to recruit and develop the best full time guiding team in Namibia, striving to match the ‘perfect guide’ to any given safari and thus ensuring ‘out of this world’ experiences. Our guides are all Namibian, and well known throughout the country; some of them are published writers and photographers, some are lecturers, but all are recognized Namibian personalities.

Knowledge, experience and character can be taken for granted, whilst charisma, passion and motivation combine with these traits to create the perfect guides - Ultimate guides. These are personable, engaging, caring and have a passion for travel and the world around them, thus enriching the lives of our guests as well as the people we take them to visit. Such unique individuals are a rare find indeed, and these particular individuals are dedicated to the values that make us Ultimate Safaris.

Meet our Naturalist Guides

Ulitmate Safaris - Alpha Tjai-Tjai-Mau

Alpha Tjai-Tjai-Mau

Ulitmate Safaris - Tarry Butcher

Tarry Butcher

Ulitmate Safaris - Orlando


Ulitmate Safaris - Gerhardus Jansen

Gerhardus Jansen

Ulitmate Safaris - Vincent Kahiha

Vincent Kahiha

Ulitmate Safaris - Vernon Swanepoel

Vernon Swanepoel

Ulitmate Safaris - Usko Hanghuwo

Usko Hanghuwo

Ulitmate Safaris - Tim Smith

Tim Smith

Ulitmate Safaris - Stewart Matsopo

Stewart Matsopo

Ulitmate Safaris - Franco Morao

Franco Morao

Ulitmate Safaris - Ronnie Tsowaseb

Ronnie Tsowaseb

Ulitmate Safaris - Peter Nuugonya

Peter Nuugonya

Ulitmate Safaris - Perez Kamukuenjandje

Perez Kamukuenjandje

Ulitmate Safaris - Nestor Nghuunduka

Nestor Nghuunduka

Ulitmate Safaris - Johann Cloete

Johann Cloete

Ulitmate Safaris - Jason Nott

Jason Nott

Ulitmate Safaris - Francois Gowaseb

Francois Gowaseb

Ulitmate Safaris - Richard Zaayman

Richard Zaayman

Why travel with an Ultimate naturalist guide?

An Ultimate Safaris naturalist guide will quickly turn a normal safari into a life enriching journey, creating a deeper understanding and appreciation for the incredible places and people that we visit. The guides are the link between our guests and the intricacies of the natural world, sharing their knowledge with enthusiasm and humour. Guests are taken on a journey through some of the world’s most beautiful wild places, encountering wildlife spectacles and engaging with age-old authentic cultures while receiving detailed interpretation as offered by our highly trained naturalist guides. Throughout this experience, they are wrapped in the warm and caring hospitality that makes us Ultimate Safaris.

A guided safari offers our guests constant access to one or more of these exceptional guides who have an intimate knowledge of each camp/lodge and area we visit. This allows them to be able to expose the relevant highlights, adding continuity and depth to your safari, and effectively tailor-making your experience. It also means that they are able to take guests to stay at less sophisticated rural venues which might not otherwise be suitable for discerning visitors. The presence of our guide adds another level to the hospitality and service that can be offered there and thus ensures that we have the widest reach of options available to us while still maintaining the standards to which we aspire.

Our guides share in a philosophy that ensures they never cease adding to their encyclopedic knowledge and this makes them lifelong scholars in the fields of their expertise. Their infectious enthusiasm, dedication, character, and in-depth knowledge of the country ensure that guests are at the forefront of real, unique and authentic experiences throughout their journey. Being native to Namibia, our guides are welcomed as friends or family everywhere they go, thus ensuring authentic and life enriching journeys. These often result in guests becoming personal friends of both our guides and the people that they visit.

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