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Journey Magicians

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Our Journey Magicians are our ‘engine room’, quietly working behind the scenes to ensure all aspects of the Ultimate Safaris operation run smoothly and cohesively. This includes helping guides make sure they are fully prepared for guest arrivals, checking and maintaining our safari vehicles, producing the necessary information packages for specific safaris, and running our own fully-serviced camps. 

Meet Our Journey Magicians

Ultimate Safaris - Adeline Mulonga

Adeline Mulonga

How did your journey start in Tourism: My career started when Mr. Tristan Cowley recognized my abilities and hard work and offered me a position at Galton House as a Housekeeper.

Personal interests: Spending time with family and volunteer work.

Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: I love doing what I do at Ultimate Safaris/Galton House. I had the best experience thus far, as I have meet a lot of people. Travelling to lodges has been a great inspiration as I have learned and seen a lot.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Swakopmund as it is a very beautiful place. I haven’t had the opportunity to embark on the dunes, and I have that on my list to do, the next time I get to Swakopmund. 

Ultimate Safaris - Anna Angula

Anna Angula

How did your journey start in Tourism: My career in this industry started when a guide named Jimmy asked that I assist at Galton House as an assistant chef. I worked hard and showed my dedication, that I got promoted to head of chef.

 Personal interests: Cooking

 Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: Because of its diversity and I get to meet new people each day.

 Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Swakopmund, because of the sea and its lovely breeze. 

Ultimate Safaris - Bianca Mulonga

Bianca Mulonga

How did your journey start in Tourism: My career started when my colleague Angela, offered that I assist with housekeeping Galton House.  In the time, I have showed my dedication and hard work, which to my success got me a permanent position at Galton House till present.

Personal interests: Cooking, spending time with family and I love listening to music.

Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: The Tribe! Secondly getting to meet new people. Thirdly I have learned a lot about tourism through Ultimate Safaris.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Swakopmund, due to the sand dunes. My goal one day is to embark on quad bikes in the dunes. 

Ultimate Safaris - Conny Von Dewitz

Conny Von Dewitz

How did your journey start in Tourism: As children my parents took us on regular trips all over the country and that instilled my love for travelling. My passion for driving the highways and byways of Namibia and having done several NATH courses, made me want to share this unique and diverse country we call home with tourists coming to Namibia. The vast open spaces, listening to only the wild gently blowing over the veld and the star-studded sky brings an inner peace that makes you think of what is really important in life.

After having worked in a variety of jobs, I was offered the opportunity to join the tourism industry. This made me grab the chance with both hands and I never looked back.

 Personal interests: Travelling, photography, drawing and reading.

 Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: Being part of a very diverse and unique tribe of people, brought together by the love for sharing Namibia with guests and actively playing a big role in conservation, is something very special. It gives you the opportunity to learn and grow.

 Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Very difficult to say. But if I had to choose it would be the Kalahari with its red dunes, golden grass, camelthorn trees, occasional wildlife and endless roads.

Ultimate Safaris - Coenie Louw

Coenie Louw

How did your journey start in Tourism:  My journey in the Tourism Industry started in 1996 with Sun International in South Africa as a Group Inventory Manager, supporting 33 Hotels and Casino. Mostly in South Africa, but also in Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia, and Egypt.

 I did systems / application and operational support for several other Hotels and Lodges too, throughout South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland too. I was fortunate to have done some work for hotels in Ireland, Germany, and Vietnam too.

 Personal interests: I have a great interest in cooking.

 Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: I find Ultimate Safaris to be very goal orientated, service driven, dedicated and ambitious. Committed to making a difference through their conservation foundations. They invest a great deal in their staff.

 One feel’s part of a great happy family with Ultimate Safaris.

 Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Swakopmund. I love the smell of the sea. I enjoy the cool weather. It is just a beautiful town.

Ultimate Safaris - Daniel Naholo

Daniel Naholo

How did your journey in tourismHe started working at Ultimate Safaris in 2016 on wild camp as a chef and moved onto //Huab Under Canvas camp in Damaraland as an assistant manager, and later became the Camp Captain. Currently he is Head chef and assistant manager at Camp Sossus.

 Personal interest Cooking, travelling and soccer

 Why I enjoy working at Ultimate SafarisWe are a family at Ultimate Safaris as we help one another and work as a team.

 Which is your favourite destination in Namibia: Sossusvlei because of its beautiful landscape, red dunes and all its wildlife.

Ultimate Safaris - Diana Hengari

Diana Hengari

How did your journey start in Tourism:  A friend of mine (Angie) told me about her work, and I took interest in it. I asked her to speak to her manager about recruiting me, and I got employed at Galton house in the house keeping department.

 I am employed at Galton House for ten years and it has been an amazing journey.

Personal interests: Spending time with family and friends.

Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: The best company to work for, as it has given me a lot of opportunities to grow and care for my family.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Otjinene, will be my favourite destination as its home. 

Ultimate Safaris - Eduardo Aibeb

Eduardo Aibeb


 Name: Eduardo Andino Aibed

Place of Birth: Khorixas

How did your journey start in tourism?

I started as a kitchen hand for the lighthouse group in Swakopmund and then after a year, I moved over to events and conferencing job at the Dome Swakopmund. I worked there for 5 years and worked at new start up company called Connect People to People (CPTP) right before the pandemic. I worked there as a Technical Coordinator for a year. I currently work for Ultimate Safaris at Onduli Ridge

Personal Interests:

To become a doctor

Why I enjoy working for Ultimate Safaris?

To meet different people with different personalities, from different works of life and countries. I am working with a team that makes everything wonderful.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why?

Swakopmund, Namibia.

Ultimate Safaris - Elaine Ganes

Elaine Ganes

How did your journey start in Tourism: I studied Hospitality at the University of Science and Technology (NUST) and graduated in 2019. I have been in the industry for 7 years.

Personal interests: Hiking and camping.

Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: Other than the company’s dedication to conservation and tourism as a whole, the Ultimate Tribe is the best Tribe!

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Damaraland as a whole! From the Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings to the different properties within the same area full of wildlife.

Ultimate Safaris - Elgardt Bussel

Elgardt Bussel

Ultimate Safaris - Elia Kokule

Elia Kokule

How did your journey start in TourismAfter completing high school, I furthered my studies in hospitality and tourism, and thereafter was employed at Camp Sossus as a Butler. I was later asked to help at //Huab Under Canvas and eventually came back to Camp Sossus, as its always home.

 Personal interest: Cooking, soccer and swimming.

 Why I enjoy working for Ultimate Safaris: Ultimate Safaris is a tribe that stands together. The level off stress is low and most importantly, as you have the opportunity to experience the tourism industry.

 Which is your favourite destination in Namibia and why? Damaraland because of the large population of black rhinos, beautiful rocky Mountains, the desert adapted elephants and its landscape.

Ultimate Safaris - Elsa Maas

Elsa Maas

How did your journey start in Tourism:

When I was grade 10, I wanted to do something in my vacation and ended up volunteering at the Okonjima AfriCat Foundation for 2 months. I immediately fell in love with the nature and peacefulness of not being in the city or town. I loved seeing the tourists experience our country in such a different way and realized how beautiful and special Namibia is. Being able to put a smile on someone’s face and knowing you made their experience as amazing as possible was just such a good feeling. Thus, I decided to study Travel & Tourism and always help people to make the most out of their travel experiences.

 Personal interests:

Besides just being outside and enjoying nature, I absolutely love cooking and baking, it’s a personal hobby that I have always enjoyed, whenever I have free time, you can be sure I’m baking something or trying out a new recipe. I also love animals and feel like they just deserve all the love in the world especially dogs.

 Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why?

I have not had the most opportunities to travel, however I have always loved Swakopmund, of course in the off season when there is not a lot of people. I love the calmness of just walking by the ocean when there is absolutely no one, and enjoying the misty weather is something that most people don’t like but for me it's just so calming and cozy. 

Ultimate Safaris - Emanuel Nampweya

Emanuel Nampweya

Ultimate Safaris - Ester Howoses

Ester Howoses

Name: Ester Howoses

Place of Birth: Khorixas

How did your journey start in Tourism: My journey initially started as a Junior Chef at /Gowati lodge in Khorixas.

Personal interests: Gospel music

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Khorixas because it is the home where I grew up, with the most beautiful landscapes.

Ultimate Safaris - Festus Gaseb

Festus Gaseb

Ultimate Safaris - Frederika Jahanika

Frederika Jahanika

Name: Uataviza Jahanika

Place of Birth: Windhoek

 How did your journey start in Tourism: My journey in tourism started through Edna, when I got introduced to Ultimate Safaris.

 Personal interests: Some of my personal interests are travelling, socializing with friends and family and cleaning.

 Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Ovitoto. It is a small settlement where I grew up and I am very fond of it. It has lovely mountains and beautiful scenery.

Ultimate Safaris - Gert Van Wyk

Gert Van Wyk

Name: Gert Van Wyk

Place of Birth: Swakopmund

How did your journey start in Tourism: I was sitting in my office one day and had a thought. What is the difference between a prison and my office? Well in prison they would bring me food. I resigned that same day and escaped into where my happy place was.

Personal interests: Dancing, enjoying a good sundowner, being active outside and laugher, which is natures best medicine.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Kalahari Desert during the early rain season. The crimson red dunes contrasting against the golden grass of the last season with the lush new green popping up in between. That is the most beautiful sight in my opinion.

Ultimate Safaris - Grant Chambers

Grant Chambers

Background Grant grew up on a dairy and crop farm in the Transvaal, or North West Province as it is known today, of South Africa. While he finished school in the local town, he spent his free time working on the farm, laying the foundations of the varied skillsets he possesses today. Whenever on holiday, he would spend this time with his family exploring national parks or nature reserves, expanding his knowledge of fauna and flora. This also, sparked the love for conservation.


Grant’s 21 years of experience started with him studying Tourism Management and immediately after, also qualifying as a level 1 field guide. Although his time acting as field guide was a wealth of experience, he decided to move into Reserve management where he could be more hands on involved with the technical day to day running of the nature reserve in the Limpopo province of South Africa. After getting married, Grant and Irene moved to Pretoria where he had his own maintenance and consulting business. In 2014, they decided to move to Namibia where their son Ethan was born. After a few years working for AndBeyond in the Sossusvlei area, Grant moved back to Windhoek to be with his family and joined Ultimate Safaris where his passion and skills merged seamlessly with what Ultimate Safaris stands for.

Personal interests? Camping, hiking, fishing, long range shooting, cooking, carpentry, to name a few.

Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris? Ultimate Safaris have a true passion in what they stand for. Their success to date inspires, motivates and uplifts not only the staff but also the communities they operate in.

Favorite destination in Namibia? Namibia still has much to offer, but for the moment, it is Damaraland with its diverse landscapes, wildlife and people.

Ultimate Safaris - Hans Gariseb

Hans Gariseb

Name:  Hans Gariseb

Place of Birth: Khorixas

How did your journey start in Tourism: I started my pleasant journey as a grounds man and moved into a maintenance position.

Personal interests: With the knowledge and skills I have, I want to move into a mechanical position because it is my desire.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? My favorite destination is all the Ultimate Safari camps.

Ultimate Safaris - Helvi Shoombe

Helvi Shoombe

How did your journey start in Tourism:I was introduced to the tourism industry in 2004 when I started working at the Italian Embassy. The Embassy closed their office in Namibia after a few years and the ambassador and his wife offered me a free visa for six months to go with them to Italy. When my visa expired, they decided to send me to Switzerland for another year where I was able to learn Italian.

I came back home in 2 years later and got employed at Sossus Dune Lodge as a volunteer.

I later became an airport representative, doing meet & greets and assisting fly-in guests. I enjoyed working with guests directly and was offered a position as a receptionist for 3 months.

I later joined Ultimate Safaris in 2017. A lot changed in me when I started travelling to different places whilst working at various companies as I was able to explore places such as Sossusvlei, Etosha, Damaraland, Sera Cafema (and more). I love working in the tourism industry.

 Personal interests: Traveling, reading and sports.

Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris because the working environment is so good, we are family, you will never feel left out as we always look out for each other.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Sossusvlei, Etosha, Damaraland and the coast. 

Ultimate Safaris - Immaculata Benjamin

Immaculata Benjamin

Name: Immaculata Benjamin 

Place of Birth: Otjiwarongo

How did your journey start in Tourism: I started working as chef, at Safari Hotel until the Covid-19 pandemic struck, which is then when I moved on to Housekeeping till present day at Onduli Ridge.

Personal interests: Music Lover

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Windhoek. It has very friendly people, there is an easy accessibility to opportunities, and I enjoy the things the city has to offer at times.

Ultimate Safaris - Inventius Munango

Inventius Munango

How did your journey start in TourismMy journey in Tourism started as a security guard at Galton House, and after my persistent hard work and determination, the company saw potential in me, and I was promoted to housekeeper and camp assistant at Camp Sossus.

 Personal interest: Soccer and working as a camp assistant

 Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: I enjoy the unity of the Ultimate Safaris tribe.

 Which is your favourite destination in Namibia and why? It is Sossusvlei, because of its amazing land scape and dunes which I never saw before.

Ultimate Safaris - Jason Nott

Jason Nott


Jason comes from a well-known family of Namibian “Nature Conservators” who have been very involved in development issues in the country for decades. The Nott family first came to “South West Africa” in the early 80’s to work for the South African administration in Nature Conservation, and they stayed on after Independence in 1990 when they all opted to take Namibian Citizenship. They have continued to work on conservation and community development issues, mainly in the north of the country, ever since.

Jason spent his early years in the small town of Omaruru where he was instilled with a love of nature from an early age. He took every opportunity to be outdoors, either with his parents or his godfather, Dr Flip Stander, who has become well-known for his veterinary work and scientific research on Namibia’s desert lions. He gained great knowledge and expertise through being with them as they worked, and he has added to this experience with his own book learning as he is also an avid reader of any publications on the subject.

As he also enjoys working with people, he soon found a way of combining both interests through running his own safaris and then getting more heavily involved in the tourism industry. He studied to get his diploma in Travel and Tourism management, and then started his formal career off in lodge management when he ran a lodge in north-western Namibia. While he was there, he found his way to his true joy, sharing the wonders of the more remote areas of Namibia with visitors – and that is why he became a safari guide.

He is now working at Ultimate Safaris where he has found a way to continue his professional guiding career while still being able to ‘give back’ to conservation and sustainable tourism. As his background and interests were ideally suited to this, Jason has been entrusted with helping to run the Conservation Travel Foundation, Ultimate Safaris’ non-profit registered trust, which is involved in several humanitarian and conservation initiatives around the country.  He also uses part of his former experience to manage the mobile (under canvas) safari department at the company, ensuring the mobile camps run smoothly and efficiently whilst in the field and controlling the operations of the semi-permanent Under Canvas camps.

Jason is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable birder, although not yet quite able to claim that he is a specialist guide in the field, and he is an accomplished photographer. He is very personable and brings his passion for his country across to his guests, leaving them an abiding love for Namibia and its various inhabitants. 

Guiding Experience

Jason’s enthusiasm for protecting the environment was part of his up-bringing. He witnessed the effects of protecting land resources through tourism, and saw the development of rural conservancies at first hand. He then went away for a GAP year in England, returning to run his first private safari for pupils from the school had been working at. This was at the tender age of 19 while also still studying Travel and Tourism management at a local university.

He then went on to fine tune his guiding skills while working at Palmwag Lodge in Damaraland. He quickly proved his competence there and soon became the lodge manager while also taking on the training of local guides. Since leaving Palmwag, he has continued to guide a variety of trips, ranging from camping to more upmarket fly-in safaris. Jason has a great understanding of the conservation and sustainability issues concerned in the development of the country and this allows him to look further into the natural environment than just identifying the fauna and flora.

Jason also has many existing relationships with local communities that he has worked with all over the northwest, and this means that any guests he takes in to visit these communities are treated as family friends rather than just as visiting tourists.  He is also an interesting and informative travelling companion so, by the end of any safari guided by him, you will have a greater understanding and love of the country that he calls home as well as having had an unforgettable experience.

Personal Interests

Birding, Conservation, Sports, Camping, and Traveling 

Why I enjoy guiding

One of the greatest pleasures is showing a visitor something new and fascinating about the country I love, and guiding is my tool for doing this.

On Trail…

I have many fond memories of lion encounters, especially when out in the field with Flip Stander, but there is one that will always stick out in my mind. This is the time that I really gained my respect for these wonderful animals and I will always admire their strength and beauty. We were on a school trip hike through the Palmwag concession, and decided to take a major detour so we could have a swim is some natural springs. We were approaching the spring quite fast as we made our way up the gorge it was located in and the closer we got the more lion tracks we saw, and all of a sudden there were lion cub tracks too – lots of them.

Before we even knew what was happening, there was a rustle in the bushes and out came a female lion charging out at us. As she approached us standing in a line, we just froze. She then hit on the brakes and skidded towards us and, as the dust settled and my eyes cleared, directly in front of me was the head of a female lion just an arm’s length away. As she stared me straight in the eyes, my outlook on lions changed in an instant. She walked up and down the line disdainfully then made her way back to the bush after collecting her cubs, and they all ran off into the distance. This was how I realized what great and magnificent animals they really were – and I was just 13 at the time!

Ultimate Safaris - Jan Mohrdieck

Jan Mohrdieck

Jan was born in Erlangen in Germany where he spent the majority of his childhood until coming to Namibia when his father purchased a farm near Outjo in 1998. After a couple of years there he moved back to Germany and worked in a local hotel while also taking courses in English before returning to Namibia in 2006 to work as a guide for &Beyond. He went back to Germany in 2009 to continue his education in natural history then finally moved back to Namibia in 2011 to help his father run their family farm. During that time, he also did specialist language freelance guiding for Ultimate Safaris and others before joining the Ultimate guiding team full time in 2013.

 Jan is now based in Windhoek and making the arrangements for safaris that others will guide. He is very dedicated to his job as he enjoys the opportunity to work with some of the most experienced naturalist guides in the country. He has always taken an active interest in the bush, especially when living on the farm, and he is very happy to have the chance to have a career in an area which gives him so much pleasure and satisfaction.

Ultimate Safaris - Jacob Haingura

Jacob Haingura

Name: Jacob K Haingura

 Place of Birth: Kavango West

 How did your journey start in Tourism: My journey began on Promaden Street at the Olive Executive Hotel, where I worked as a gardener, handy man and security guard.

 Personal interests: Travelling and learning new languages.

 Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Swakopmund, because I love sitting at the beach/ocean and watching the waves crash on shore.

Ultimate Safaris - Jacobs Kauhonwa

Jacobs Kauhonwa

Name: Jacobs Kauhonwa H.


Place of Birth: Onkumbula Omakango


How did your journey start in Tourism? I started working as a security guard and it made me gain an interest in the industry.


Personal interests: It includes mechanics and sports.


Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Etosha National Park. Being in nature with the wild animals and seeing the spectacular landscapes is what makes Etosha special to me. The raw beauty, friendly people and scenery the park has to offer is something that always takes my breath away no matter how many times I’ve been there before, making Etosha National Park special to me.

Ultimate Safaris - Jimmie Kokule

Jimmie Kokule

How did your journey start in Tourism? I had my first taste of the tourism industry in at Galton House as a waiter, where I picked up a good understanding and basis of tourism operations and philosophy. My commitment and hard work had me promoted to assistant manager. I was later given the chance to run the wild camp of Ultimate Safaris, and shortly after that I was promoted to manage Huab Under Canvas in Damaraland. After a great experience, I then had the opportunity to go to Camp Sossus and work there as a manager.

 Personal Interests: Traveling, meeting new people, reading and spending quality time with family and friends.

 Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: Ultimate Tribe makes you feel like family. There is trust in you to work on your own and take initiative without having unnecessary pressure, and most importantly you get the chance to create your own experiences. Stress free right?

 My favourite destination in Namibia and why. My favourite part is Sossusvlei, because of its amazing landscape, dunes and adapted wild animals.

Ultimate Safaris - Kennedy Hoabeb

Kennedy Hoabeb

Name: Kennedy Wiliwardt // Haobeb

Place of Birth: Khorixas, Kunene Region, Namibia

How did your journey start in tourism?

In 2004, I started working at Camp Xaragu under the leadership of the Mr. Danie Wessels as a receptionist whereby I was promoted to Barman after a week. In a few days, I Started as a field guide where I was doing game drives by tracking elephants and other wild animals. After Camp Xaragu, I started at Igowati Lodge in 2006 until 2016 as a barman. In 2017, I joined the National Heritage Council of Namibia as a Tour Guide at Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings and Organ Pipes as well as Burnt Mountain until 2019. During the pandemic I did not get the opportunity to continue my services and was unemployed until 2022.

Personal Interests:

I like challenges and would like to grow in the tourism industry in the near future.

Why I enjoy working for Ultimate Safaris?

Ultimate Safaris granted me the opportunity to become who I am today, and I hope/wish the company will make me fulfil my dream in the industry.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why?

Twyfelfontein Rock Arts, I enjoyed interacting with different clients/guests each day, explaining the heritage of our forefathers and what they left behind for us, so we have to protect it for the future generations.

Ultimate Safaris - Kelvin Msuya

Kelvin Msuya

Place of Birth:

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


How did your journey start in Tourism:

It all started when Tristan approached me to come work for Ultimate Safaris. I used to help Ultimate Safaris bringing their goods from South Africa on my previous job and thus when I was discovered. Even though the opportunity came late but I fell in love with tourism ever since I was a little boy. I used to go visit my Aunty in Arusha (one of tourism town in Tanzania) and she had a few friends who was working in the tourism industry, and I used to enjoy seen them always going out with tourists and have the opportunity to see the wild. I'm glad to have this opportunity to be a part of this wonderful industry.


Personal interests:

I enjoy traveling and hang out with family and friends.


Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why?

Sossusvlei views are amazing

Ultimate Safaris - Martin Webb Bowen

Martin Webb Bowen

Martin came to Namibia from Kenya in 1993 to run the Namibian end of a British safari operation, but this quickly developed into a fully Namibian safari company called SandyAcre Safaris. The company initially only concentrated on providing private guided safaris for visitors from the UK, but this soon spread into other source markets such as the USA, Switzerland, France, Spain and Australia. It also became established as a reliable film services support company, specifically as a sub-contractor for the BBC. SandyAcre Safaris was incorporated into the newly formed Ultimate Safaris in 2008, and Martin now oversees the running of the new company in partnership with Tristan Cowley.

 At various times, Martin and Tristan have filled most of the executive positions in private sector tourism associations, and they are still Trustees for NATH (Namibian Academy of Tourism and Hospitality). They also act as Administrators and Trustees for the non-profit Conservation Travel Foundation which works to assist rural development and conservation initiatives in the areas where the safari company is most active. Martin has retained his passion for arranging seamless holidays for individuals as well as for the larger tour groups that now make up the majority of the company’s business - and hearing the words ‘holiday of a lifetime’ is still guaranteed to provide him with considerable satisfaction 

Ultimate Safaris - Marike Van Wyk

Marike Van Wyk

How did your journey start in Tourism: I have always had a passion for the outdoors since childhood. After finishing my studies in Nature Conservation in 2012, I got some practical experience at two Namibian lodges – one in Damaraland and one close to Etosha. But as life happens, I had to change my career to adapt to my move back to Windhoek. After almost ten years I am proud to have found my place at Ultimate Safaris.

 Personal interests: Photography, camping, birding, travelling, and spending time with my animals.

 Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? At the moment, I can truly say that Damaraland is my go-to for self-drive tours, as the views and variety of wildlife in the vastness of the arid landscape always surprises me, yet it is an easy terrain to navigate. Having lived and worked here almost a decade ago, it somehow still feels familiar. It is difficult to choose a favourite Namibian destination, as I believe you should visit everywhere at least twice before making the verdict! 

Ultimate Safaris - Merwin Naibab

Merwin Naibab

Name: Mervin Naibab

Place of Birth:  Khorixas

How did your journey start in Tourism: I initially started as a building assistant at Xaragu Camp back in 2001.  After the completion of the lodge building, I got offered work at the lodge as part of the maintenance team where I worked for more than 7 years.

Personal interests: Playing quarters and playing Soccer.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Swakopmund, because it has very friendly people. It has an easy accessibility to opportunities and a low crime rate compared to other places.

Ultimate Safaris - Nelson Sheuyange

Nelson Sheuyange


How did your journey start in Tourism: My journey in Tourism started off in when I was employed at Camp Sossus as a general worker. After hard work and demonstrating my commitment, I was promoted to a housekeeper at //Huab Under Canvas. I later moved back to Camp Sossus as head of the housekeeping department.

 Personal interest: Soccer, swimming and wildlife

 Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: Working at Ultimate Safaris is stress fee with opportunities to better myself and work united as a tribe.

 Which is your favourite destination in Namibia and why? Sossusvlei, because of its beautiful landscape, beautiful red dunes and all its wildlife.

Ultimate Safaris - Ndeshihafela Thomas

Ndeshihafela Thomas

How did your journey start in Tourism:  My journey in Tourism started when a friend Angelina informed me that there is a vacancy at Galton House.  I got the job, and that’s how I was introduced to the Tourism industry.

Personal interests: Cleaning, socializing with friends and family, but most importantly I love to know new people.

Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: It gave me the opportunity to grow within the Tourism industry, and everyone working at Ultimate Safaris is kind- hearted.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Swakopmund, because of its pleasant weather. 

Ultimate Safaris - Oresa Aibes

Oresa Aibes

Ultimate Safaris - Petrus Namene

Petrus Namene

Ultimate Safaris - Protasius Fransman

Protasius Fransman

Name: Protasius Fransman

Place of Birth: Gibeon

How did your journey start in Tourism: The passion that I have for nature and the love for the guests allows me to always visit our beautiful countryside.

Personal interests: My love for the nature allows me to learn anything and it makes the future I hold shine brighter.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Farming back home, because that is where everything started for me that is currently happening in my life.

Ultimate Safaris - Rhona Strauss

Rhona Strauss

How did your journey start in Tourism: I am a trained Professional Chef who moved to Namibia in 2006 and had the incredible opportunity to run the Anglo American VIP Guesthouse in Rosh Pinah for a few years. This is where my absolute passion for Hospitality and Tourism were ignited – being able to merge my love for food and cooking whilst taking care of the guests. I was hooked and consider myself very privileged to be able to still do just that!

 Personal interests: I’m a bit of a workaholic and totally in love with my job, so as long as I am busy with anything food or tourism related, I am happy.

Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: I love being part of the bigger picture, a bigger purpose, being part of Life Enriching Journeys, whether it's by training my chefs in our outlets, by inspiring them with new ideas, or making sure they receive all their procurement and things they need to be able to offer a 6-star service to our guests.

 Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? The Deep South will always have my heart….I still dream of the colors of the dunes in the Sperrgebiet, the ruggedness of farm life close to Goageb and the deafening silence of camping next to the Orange River with only the call of the Fish Eagles as music for your soul.

Ultimate Safaris - Romanzo Coetzee

Romanzo Coetzee

Ultimate Safaris - Robert Abiatar

Robert Abiatar

How did my journey start in tourism: I started my journey in the tourism industry with Ultimate safaris in 2019, where I started helping at Camp Sossus. I was later promoted as an assistant chef at Galton House.  in April 2022, I was moved to Camp Sossus. 

Personal interest:  cooking 

Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: I enjoy teamwork, working as one team is the best thing.

 Which is your favourite destination in Namibia and why? Sossusvlei is one of my best destinations because of its good landscape and good views at all times.

Ultimate Safaris - Stanley Musambani

Stanley Musambani

How did your journey start in tourism? It was challenging

Personal Interests: To become a tour guide

Why I enjoy working for Ultimate Safaris? It gives me access to meeting new people (guests). I learn more about life.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Swakopmund because of the breeze from the sea and it is beautiful old German buildings, the view and all.

Ultimate Safaris - Sevelinus Tuhafeni

Sevelinus Tuhafeni

Name: Tuhafeni Sevelinus

Placeof Birth: Oshuulu, Namibia

How did your journey start in tourism? I was referred by a friend to Ultimate Safaris because they had a vacant position open which I applied for.

Personal Interests: Working as a one family unit at work.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? The beautiful Ovamboland with its big green trees and animals.

Ultimate Safaris - Susanna Goamus

Susanna Goamus

Name: Susanna Goamus

Place of Birth: Rooiberg, Khorixas

How did your journey start in tourism?

My journey started to mobilize tourism in my area

Personal Interests:

Is in the benefit of our local area

Why I enjoy working for Ultimate Safaris?

For progress of social responsibilities

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why?

Damaraland which is a tourist attraction area known for its wealth of rock engravings and paintings, wildlife like the desert elephants and black rhino, its landscapes, dramatic mountains, and scenery.

Ultimate Safaris - Tamara Namuyamba

Tamara Namuyamba

How did your journey start in Tourism:  My journey started when I got employed at Galton House as Receptionist/Host in 2022, and I am enjoying myself this far.

 I can’t wait to grow within the industry.

Personal interests: Travelling, community service and blogging.

Why I enjoy working at Ultimate Safaris: Having the opportunity to engage with different people from different countries and making guests happy.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Sossusvlei, because of the divine scenery of the desert, and this it makes it the perfect destination for photographs, especially at dawn and sunset.

Ultimate Safaris - Teofelus Shihepaununeni

Teofelus Shihepaununeni


Teofilus Shihepaununeni 

Place of Birth:

Omuthiya, Omahinda

How did your journey start in Tourism:

My journey started as a security guard and now I work as a chef.

Personal interests:

Some of my personal interests include personal development, learning new skills, cooking, learning different languages and cultures.


Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why?

My favorite destinations are Damaraland and Etosha National Park, because of the beauty and amazing atmosphere each destination provides.

Ultimate Safaris - Tobias Naholo

Tobias Naholo

How did your journey start in TourismTobias started at Galton House as a night porter, and after demonstrating his commitment and hard work, he was promoted as an assistant chef ‘and later he became a full-time chef. 

He was then promoted to head chef at Camp Sossus. After a year he moved over to //Huab Under Canvas and is still a head chef. When time allows, he also assists at Onduli Ridge.

 Personal interest: Cooking, soccer and swimming.

 Why I enjoy working at Ultimate safaris: He enjoys working at Ultimate Safaris because of the unity of the tribe. Its stress free, and because of the support from the company to better himself through training.

 Which is your favourite destination in Namibia and why: Damaraland, because of the large population of free roaming black rhinos, Desert Adopted Elephants and the landscape.

Ultimate Safaris - Tima Aebes

Tima Aebes

Ultimate Safaris - Tristan Cowley

Tristan Cowley


The Cowley family has been involved in tourism in southern Africa for over two decades. As one of the pioneering families in the tourism field in Namibia, the Cowleys (Clive and Doris) produced the first in-depth travel guide for Namibia in the late 1980’s, setting an unprecedented benchmark for others to follow. ‘The Namibia Guidebook’ (now called ‘Clive Cowley’s Journey into Namibia’) was the first tourist guidebook which offered both visitors and potential visitors an in-depth account of this great country.

Having a true love and passion for the natural environment, Tristan followed in his parents’ footsteps and founded Tou (meaning ‘Elephant’ in the Lozi language) Safaris in 2003, specializing in naturalist guided safaris to Namibia. In 2008 Tou Safaris merged with another like-minded safari company to form Ultimate Safaris, which has grown to be one of Namibia’s most renowned naturalist and specialist guiding safari companies.

Tristan is married to Stefanie, who is a lawyer in Windhoek, and together they have two sons called Dylan and Joshua. He has a passion for photography and developing tourism in Namibia in a sustainable way, to ensure benefit for everyone involved.

Guiding experience

Tristan’s life in the natural environment and tourism began as a teenager working as a river guide in South Africa, guiding canoe and kayak safaris on 3 different rivers. After school he moved on to manage one of Africa’s finest camps, Wolwedans, where he became a specialist desert guide. He then studied Natural Resource Management (Nature Conservation), where after he completed both the National and Hunting Guide Qualifications and was assigned to lead exclusive safaris in southern Africa for leading safari operators. Tristan is a Namibia specialist, but has led safaris in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.  

In his early guiding years, Tristan also worked as a field researcher, conducting field research on two sandgrouse species as well as the newly described endemic black mongoose. He has had numerous research papers published in learned journals as well as popular publications. Tristan has also spent a fair amount of time as a lecturer at NATH (Namibian Academy for Tourism and Hospitality), lecturing young and aspiring safari guides.

Having served as the chairman of TASA (Tour and Safari Association of Namibia), vice chairman of NATH (Namibian Academy for Tourism and Hospitality), on the executive council of FENATA (Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations) and the advisory council to the school of natural resource management at the University of Technology in Namibia, it is fair to say that Tristan is a well-known and respected personality within the Namibian tourism industry.

Tristan was also the founder of the Conservation Travel Foundation, a legally registered non-profit trust which has been established to assist humanitarian and conservation initiatives in the areas in which Ultimate Safaris operates. He is one of the trustees for the NATH Education Trust, another legally registered trust which is responsible for granting bursaries for up and coming aspiring safari guides in Namibia.

Since its inception, Ultimate Safaris has grown to a team of over 80 staff, so Tristan spends most of his time running the operations, as well as doing the marketing which involves extensive travels to Europe, Australasia and North America, as well as more occasional visits to South America. However, he still finds time to guide the occasional specialist or specific repeat groups, so continues to engage in what is his real passion. 

Personal interests

Sport, traveling, socializing and photography.

Why I enjoy guiding

It’s not a job, it’s a way of life…

On trail…

Having spent many months in the field on my own (mainly during research expeditions) the most humbling experience for me was coming face to face with a leopard at very close range on a narrow ridge in the Erongo Mountains.  The encounter happened when I was coming around a blind corner on a mountain ridge and I suddenly came across, and woke, a large sleeping male leopard.  The leopard got to his feet instantly, staying stationary and staring straight at me.  He then took four steps toward me, before grunting and then turning around, making off in the direction I was going (the path was narrow so there was obviously no way past me).  I was able to stand and watch him walk away from me for about 200 m, before he disappeared around another corner.  Having had a sufficiently memorable encounter for that day, I turned around and decided to go back the way I had come!

Ultimate Safaris - Wessel Nanuseb

Wessel Nanuseb


Name: Nanuseb Wessel J

Place of Birth: Khorixas

How did your journey start in tourism?

My journey started well, and I am hopeful that it will be great

Personal Interests:

To grow with or within the company like a guide training

Why I enjoy working for Ultimate Safaris?


Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why?

Khorixas because it is close to the family and the region is beautiful

Ultimate Safaris - Willy Pootinu

Willy Pootinu

Name: Willy Pootinu

Place of Birth: Mariental

How did your journey start in Tourism: I started working in 2014 as a Lodge based Field Guide.

Personal interests: I love and enjoy meeting new people on a day-to-day basis.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Sossusvlei, because it makes me feel like I am on a different planet each time I visit. I love nature especially when it is as untouched and pristine like Sossusvlei.

Ultimate Safaris - Wilhelm Neego

Wilhelm Neego

Ultimate Safaris - Yerome Boois

Yerome Boois

Ultimate Safaris - Zederich Beukes

Zederich Beukes

Ultimate Safaris - Lavinia Shikale

Lavinia Shikale

Place of Birth: Mariental

How did your journey start in Tourism: My journey started when I first began at And Beyond. I fell  in love with the nature, the dunes and mountains and the animals. Working there taught me how to work with people and guests and the importance of patience in the tourism industry. With this love and passion I had to get a diploma in Tourism and Fundamental and Catering.  In counting I now have been in the tourism industry for 7 years now.

Personal interests: Reading and experience new things in life.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Swakopmund: The reason why is because when one visits the coastal area, it feels as if your mind and body has been totally cleared from all sort of things and a clear conscience has entered ones mind. 

Ultimate Safaris - Bernhard Sintango

Bernhard Sintango

Name: Bernhard Sintango

Place of Birth: Musese Constituency

How did your journey start in Tourism: Although it seemed impossible to join the industry, it did not stop me from trying to. The tribe was looking for someone to come and help, I applied, and the rest is history. I am very happy for now.

Personal interests: I like travelling and seeing wildlife animals.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Kavango land is my favorite. It is very beautiful, and people have access to their own fields.

Ultimate Safaris - Christine Radford

Christine Radford

Name: Christine Radford

Birthplace: Keetmanshoop, Namibia

How My Tourism Journey Began: I started my adventure in tourism as a river guide Orange River at just 16 years old. This exciting experience sparked my love for the hospitality industry and opened up many doors for me.

Personal Interests: I really enjoy a good hiking trail and sleeping under the stars. I also love cooking for gatherings and watching beautiful sunsets. Taking care of my garden is another one of my passions, as it lets me connect with nature.

Favorite Place in Namibia: Out of all the wonderful places in Namibia, I have a soft spot for the northern bushveld region. I'm particularly drawn to the Caprivi Region. The reason? I'm deeply fascinated by elephants, and this area is a haven for these amazing creatures.

Ultimate Safaris - Brigite Nyirankebukande

Brigite Nyirankebukande

Place of Birth:

Congo, D.R.C

 How did your journey start in Tourism:

My journey in the tourism industry started in 2022, as an assistant housekeeper at Onduli Ridge.

 Personal interests:


 Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why?

Windhoek is my favorite destination because it is where I grew up.

Ultimate Safaris - Fillemon Hauwanaga

Fillemon Hauwanaga

Place of Birth:


 How did your journey start in Tourism:

My journey in tourism started in 2023 at the Ultimate Safaris head office in Windhoek, where I joined the tribe as a security guard.

Personal interests:

I like watching TV, reading news, and travel

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why?

Swakopmund is my favorite destination because of the beautiful ocean and its sandy dunes.

Ultimate Safaris - Knowledge Hermanus Uri-Khob

Knowledge Hermanus Uri-Khob

Place of Birth:


How did your journey start in Tourism:

My journey started at Matisa Camp as a casual worker where I worked in maintenance and cleaning for six months. I also worked for the Save the Rhino Trust (SRT), where I was tracking and monitoring as a volunteer for two years.

Personal interests:

Working with tour groups from different countries is where my interest started.


Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why?

Damaraland is my favorite destination. I grew up in Damaraland and travelled a lot with the Save the Rhino Trust to Damaraland; where we searched for missing Rhinos in their allocated areas, and in turn made me fall in love with the beautiful landscapes and animals as well as the lodges and campsites in the surrounding areas

Ultimate Safaris - Samuel Josua

Samuel Josua

Name:  Samuel Josua

Place of Birth: Uukuyuushona

How did your journey start in Tourism: My journey started at Lake Oanob Resort where I worked as a general worker.

Personal interests: Listening to music and others.

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Sossusvlei because of its beautiful landscape, red dunes and its wildlife.

Ultimate Safaris - Pinehas Hiwanwa

Pinehas Hiwanwa

Name:  Pinehas Hiwanwa

 Place of Birth: Windhoek

 How did your journey start in Tourism: My journey started in 2018 when I was introduced to Galton House by Mickel, which is where I met Miryam the manager at Galton House in 2018.

 Personal interests: Waitering

 Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Walvis Bay, because I like the coastal area and the Skeleton Coast.

Ultimate Safaris - Ivan Khoeseb

Ivan Khoeseb

Name:  Ivan Khoeseb

Place of Birth: Windhoek

How did your journey start in Tourism: I was just driver for tour transport company, where I got interested to become a Tour Guide.

Personal interests: Gym, swimming, volunteering at Local soup kitchen and reading

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Damaraland: Because I love the area where my old people are from, and if I stand on the ground of Damaraland I feel proud of it; the beautiful landscape and open book Geology.

Ultimate Safaris - Erich Simon

Erich Simon

Name: Erich Simon

Place of Birth: Maltahohe, Namibia

How did your journey start in Tourism:

I started in the tourism industry as a porter at Sossusvlei Lodge in the early 90s. I did not mind what I did because I loved the Tourism Industry and wanted to learn and grow. Over the years I have many opportunities to join in house training sessions and was able to grow and worked myself up in the industry I loved.


Personal interests:

Nature and meeting people from all around the world.


Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why?

Skeleton Coast. The vastness and remoteness of this area and the pureness. One could easily become a skeleton by a simple mistake in the unforgiving yet stunning area. 



Ultimate Safaris - Alberto Paku

Alberto Paku

Name: Alberto Eduardo Paku

Place of Birth: Swakopmund, Namibia

How did your journey start in Tourism: My journey started between 2017 and 2021. I worked for a company that was in charge of setting up the annual Namibian Tourism Expo. While working for the company, I started reading more on the industry and the benefits of working within the sector as well as attended seminars the company offered which continued to peak my interest about tourism in Namibia.

Personal Interests: My favorite thing to do is workouts. I'm very interested in dietary plans and overall physical well-being. I also enjoy running, skating and cycling. 

Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? I have always been interested in the Kavongo River. If I had to go on vacation to any destination in Namibia, I would choose to explore the nothern part of Namibia. It has a diverse wildlife and beautiful green scenery, which makes the nothern part of Namibia my favorite destination. 

Ultimate Safaris - Alion Tsowaseb

Alion Tsowaseb

Ultimate Safaris - Berwald Awiseb

Berwald Awiseb

Name: Berwald Khoedibasen /Awiseb


Place of Birth: Khorixas


How did your journey start in Tourism? Visiting my uncle on Grootberg Lodge where he worked sparked my interest for the tourism industry.


Personal interests: Inspiring those around me and learning from them.


Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Terrace Bay. I spent most of my youth there with my grandparents. The weather, landscape and fishing trips made it amazing for me. At times we would also guide guests on fishing activities which made me fall more in love with tourism.

Ultimate Safaris - Laureine /Huses

Laureine /Huses

Ultimate Safaris - Shivute Kambungu

Shivute Kambungu

Name: Shivute Kambungu


Place of birth: Omaku


How did your journey start in tourism? I started working as a security guard at Ultimate Safaris where I grew my potential and now, I am working as a camp captain.


Personal interests: I am interested in activities that have to do with wildlife and conservation.


Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? My favorite destination in Namibia is anywhere in Namibia where conservation is being offered.

Ultimate Safaris - Johanna Kashikuka

Johanna Kashikuka

Ultimate Safaris - Julio Angula

Julio Angula

Ultimate Safaris - Royal Van Ster

Royal Van Ster

Name: Royal Ronaldino Rezo Gaokhoe Vanster


Place of Birth: Khorixas


How did your journey start in Tourism? I grew up in the area of Twyvelfontein at a farm called Blauport where the headquarters of Uibasen Twyvelfontein conservancy is located. Growing up here exposed me to many interactions with tourists on a regular basis. During holidays I used to work at the lodges which sparked my love for tourism.


Personal interests: My personal interests are researching on tour guiding.


Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why? Swakopmund is my favorite destination. I love the landscape, the breeze of the sea, the weather and environment make Swakopmund such a mind-blowing destination for me.

Ultimate Safaris - James Webb-Bowen

James Webb-Bowen

Name: Jamie Webb-Bowen

Place of Birth: Nairobi, Kenya

How did your journey start in Tourism:

 Luckily! Initially a UK based outdoor instructor I organized expeditions across the world taking people mountaineering, climbing, kayaking and canoeing; during which time I paddled the Orange River. Now I am so very privileged to be back living and working here with my family in Namibia.


Personal interests:

A self proclaimed nerd, I love historical fiction, over-complicated board games and cryptic crosswords! My passion is teaching, whether in the outdoors or behind desk and I am resultantly so very proud to work for a company supporting conservation as successfully as Ultimate Safaris.


Which is your favorite destination in Namibia and why?

Controversially, I most treasure my time on the Caprivi Strip. Having visited most areas across Namibia multiple times, the Caprivi is like nothing else in the country. It’s our own undisturbed Okavango Delta and without the unnecessary frills (or price tag!). Stunning.

Tracking Elephants in the Huab riverbed from Onduli Ridge in Damaraland comes a close second!

Ultimate Safaris - Miryam Nampila

Miryam Nampila

Place of birth:

Etunda, Owamboland

How did your journey start in Tourism

I always had a passion for travelling which takes us out of our comfort zone. When I completed high school, I decided to pursue a career in travel and tourism at the Polytechnic of Namibia, which is now known as the University of Science and Technology. In my second year I got an internship opportunity at Skeleton Coast fly in Safaris. It is safe to say that is where my career started. After I graduated, I then joined the Journeys Namibia Management group where I worked for more than 10 years as a reservations consultant. 

Personal interests: 

I love nature, the beautiful landscapes and wildlife. 

Which is you favorite destination in Namibia and why?: 

I do not have a favorite destination, Namibia is already a gem on its own. I however love the Sossusvlei dunes and the coastal scenery at the Skeleton coast. 

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