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Journey Magicians

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Our Journey Magicians are our ‘engine room’, quietly working behind the scenes to ensure all aspects of the Ultimate Safaris operation run smoothly and cohesively. This includes helping guides make sure they are fully prepared for guest arrivals, checking and maintaining our safari vehicles, producing the necessary information packages for specific safaris, and running our own fully-serviced camps. 

Meet Our Journey Magicians

Ulitmate Safaris - Helvi Nghaamwa

Helvi Nghaamwa

Journey Enricher

Ulitmate Safaris - Kelvin Msuya

Kelvin Msuya


Ulitmate Safaris - Victor Ndemuongela

Victor Ndemuongela

Ulitmate Safaris - Vernesto Coetzee

Vernesto Coetzee

Ulitmate Safaris - Tobias Naholo

Tobias Naholo

Ulitmate Safaris - Sevelinus Tuhafeni

Sevelinus Tuhafeni

Ulitmate Safaris - Romanzo Coetzee

Romanzo Coetzee

Ulitmate Safaris - Rhona Strauss

Rhona Strauss

Ulitmate Safaris - Petrus Namene

Petrus Namene

Ulitmate Safaris - Nelson Sheuyange

Nelson Sheuyange

Ulitmate Safaris - Migaille Ockhuizen

Migaille Ockhuizen

Ulitmate Safaris - Johannes Shipululu

Johannes Shipululu

Ulitmate Safaris - Martin Webb Bowen

Martin Webb Bowen

Director & Co-founder

Ulitmate Safaris - Jimmie Kokule

Jimmie Kokule

Ulitmate Safaris - Frederika Jahanika

Frederika Jahanika

Ulitmate Safaris - Emanuel Nampweya

Emanuel Nampweya

Ulitmate Safaris - Elikan Joseph

Elikan Joseph

Ulitmate Safaris - Elgardt Bussel

Elgardt Bussel

Ulitmate Safaris - Daniel Naholo

Daniel Naholo

Ulitmate Safaris - Anton Kalweyo

Anton Kalweyo

Ulitmate Safaris - Amon Mwandingi

Amon Mwandingi

Ulitmate Safaris - Tristan Cowley

Tristan Cowley

Director & Co-founder

Ulitmate Safaris - Willy Pootinu

Willy Pootinu

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Ultimate Safaris is privileged to be able to operate in pristine wilderness areas. We believe that the future of the environment and the natural inhabitants of these regions lies in the hands of the communities living there, and that this means they must be involved in the custodianship of their surroundings. The Conservation Travel Foundation is Ultimate Safaris’ registered non-profit organisation and it fully supports these ideals.

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