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As part of our strategy to offer the best service possible, we have answered the calls for uncomplicated and user-friendly vehicle rental for self-drive safaris. This means there is no longer any need to join long queues while waiting to get rental vehicles at the airport or to deal with the varied extra charge options when using different vehicle hire companies. Everything that is needed will be included from the start so quotes will be less complicated, and we will no longer need to deal with credit card holds via third parties. There will also be no more rushed handovers of the vehicles that have been booked.

Rental Vehicles

Adding rental cars to our vehicle fleet was no problem as we already manage a large number of safari and other vehicles, so it makes good sense for us to take control of this aspect of service delivery as well. Our self-drive vehicle rental strategy is simple, and the aim is to deliver the best service possible in the least complicated way. All our vehicles are automatic transmission and equipped for standard self-drive safaris, but not for camping safaris.

We will only run 2.4 Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4 (ideal for 2 – 4 pax) and 2.4 Toyota Fortuner 4x4 vehicles (ideal for 2 – 3 pax). These vehicles have the best track record for self-drive safaris in Namibia, and we believe they are ideal for our local conditions. Rental vehicles will be delivered and handed over at Windhoek accommodation establishments to ensure a stress-free experience, and this will normally be combined with a detailed safari briefing. Vehicles will be collected from the venue of the last night’s stay in Windhoek, but they can also be returned at the airport with no extra charge if necessary.

Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4
Toyota Fortuner 4x4

Daily Rental Fee Shoulder Season
NAD 2000.00
NAD 2000.00

Daily Rental Fee High Season
NAD 2500.00
NAD 2500.00

Zero Excess
Zero Excess

All our rentals are equipped with and include the following:

  • Inclusive of ZERO EXCESS insurance which covers tyre and windscreen damage, but this does not cover undercarriage or wind sandblasting damage which are specifically excluded.
  • Additional driver fee and additional spare wheels are included at no extra cost
  • An electric Engel fridge which is connected to the ignition.
  • Comfortable Melville & Moon seat covers which are easily washable.
  • Additional, second spare wheels are fitted in a way to ensure maximum space for packing.
  • Free in-vehicle WiFi which functions in all areas of Namibia where there is 3G+ cellular coverage. This is already widely available in many parts of mainstream Namibia, and that network is growing rapidly.
  • Emergency medical evacuation insurance is included in all rentals and this will cover the costs of suitable transportation to a private hospital if that should become necessary.

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