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Our Journeysmiths are considered to be leading authorities on travel to Namibia, and they have over 300 years of relevant experience between them. From the onset, great importance is attached to identifying specific expectations and requirements and including these in the arrangements made, thus ensuring seamless and very memorable safari experiences. Facilitated by intelligent, insider knowledge and a little black book of private contacts, our safari specialists smooth out the creases to remove the complexities of a Namibian safari, ensuring all aspects of any given safari are artfully tied together. Keeping on the cutting edge of what is new is a priority at Ultimate Safaris and, as a result, you are assured of a safari that makes use of the best possible options available. 

Meet our Journeysmiths

Ulitmate Safaris - Alfons Kaura

Alfons Kaura

Ulitmate Safaris - Anna Povanhu

Anna Povanhu

Ulitmate Safaris - Birgit Bekker

Birgit Bekker

Sales Director

Ulitmate Safaris - Clemensia Ouses

Clemensia Ouses

Ulitmate Safaris - Colleen Bleach

Colleen Bleach

Ulitmate Safaris - Elizabeth Perry

Elizabeth Perry

Ulitmate Safaris - Gillian de Bruin

Gillian de Bruin

Ulitmate Safaris - Jan Mohrdieck

Jan Mohrdieck

Ulitmate Safaris - Swenja de Vos

Swenja de Vos

Ulitmate Safaris - Ulrike Smith

Ulrike Smith

Ulitmate Safaris - Latoya Morao

Latoya Morao

Ulitmate Safaris - Lynn Strydom

Lynn Strydom

Ulitmate Safaris - Nadine Fritz

Nadine Fritz

Ulitmate Safaris - Nascimento Katjimune

Nascimento Katjimune

Ulitmate Safaris - Pena Usiku

Pena Usiku

Ulitmate Safaris - Zanelle Zaayman

Zanelle Zaayman

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Life Enriching Journeys

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Ultimate Safaris is privileged to be able to operate in pristine wilderness areas. We believe that the future of the environment and the natural inhabitants of these regions lies in the hands of the communities living there, and that this means they must be involved in the custodianship of their surroundings. The Conservation Travel Foundation is Ultimate Safaris’ registered non-profit organisation and it fully supports these ideals.

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