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Mobile Retreats

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Our Mobile Retreats are clearly not permanent in any way. They are designed to be set up quickly in some of the most inaccessible corners of the country, and normally for just two or three nights at a time, so they cannot have all the comforts you would expect in our other camps. As a result, there is something of a compromise required when staying in them. They are designed for the more hardy, adventurous, and intrepid type of guest, and those prepared to forego some inessential frills are rewarded by having access to areas where there is little or no other fixed infrastructure, thus allowing a real pioneering experience. Our mobile retreats are serviced and equipped to ensure that guests can relax and revel in the feeling of space and solitude that makes Namibia so special while still enjoying considerable comfort. We consider good food and wine to be an important part of the overall experience, so our catering in these retreats is still of a suitably high standard - even in dry, desolate areas where this can be hard to maintain. Delicious, wholesome meals, including local delicacies, are prepared on open fires using fresh local produce, and guests are cared for by a caring, warm and passionate tribe. We offer two varieties of infrastructure on our Mobile Retreats using either Dome or Meru tents, with a maximum of four tents per group.

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Our retreats are conservation impact investments, pioneering environmental sustainability, community development and conservation.

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